How to choose and install
fiber for the wall

If you have considered fiber for the wall as a possibility for installation, you probably have good reasons for this choice. These pieces bring color and texture to interiors, while covering large and sometimes difficult spaces. They have a warming and visual appeal, while keeping noise levels down.

Determining the size of the piece is simply a matter of proportion. Larger spaces may require a piece that is done in panels.

Installation may be tailored to the architecture on site. Fiber pieces may be hung on professional rods which do not show or the piece may be stretched over a stretcher and hung like a painting. Some corporations have placed my pieces in acrylic boxes. I am happy to hear what your site is like and walk you through the best installation choice.

Maintenance is minimal. In most cases, no care is required, although some owners have told me that occasionally they give their piece a light hand vacuuming or air shaking. Any artwork that is exposed to bright sun will fade over time, and this is certainly true of fabric. Interior walls are the best locations for these pieces.


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